Unlocking Leadership Potential: How to Build Competencies for Career Growth

Unlocking Leadership Potential: How to Build Competencies for Career Growth

Title & prestige alone aren’t enough

I recently partnered with a promising leader.

She wasn’t clear about her next role.

Together, we figured out:
-her top skills
-where she wanted to go and why

She kept saying, “I want to be in x role…” but we quickly discovered this desire was driven by ego.

By the title and prestige.

Even though the role wasn’t aligned with her passion or skills.

Once we analyzed the intersection of her skills, motivation and passion.

We discovered that she was actually already in a good role.

The skills that got her to where she is today are not the same ones she needs to move up a level.

So, we created a plan of competencies.

We worked on her executive presence.

We looked at how she is taking ownership & responsibility.

And inspiring and leading across the entire organization, not just with her team.

Identified how she could raise her hand and say sign me up even if it wasn’t her responsibility.

How to communicate with impact with her team and leader.

We identified her intended career path and blind spots.

Now, she has an action plan to close those gaps.

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