The Value of Engagement in Business Profitability

The Value of Engagement in Business Profitability

If you think pay is the silver bullet to hiring and retaining your top talent, think again.

How much money it would take for your employees to leave tomorrow to go to another company?


Or would it be no amount of money would make a difference?

Do you know?

Many leaders and organizations relate to money being “the thing”, the reason why employees will jump ship and leaving for other organizations.

Is that truly the case though?

The fact of the matter is money is only one piece of the puzzle. 

While being compensated appropriately for their skills is imperative, employees are yearning for more than just that. They’re yearning for:

* Coaching and development
* Ongoing training
* Current and future career opportunities
* Leaders who care about them
* Making a difference by what they’re doing
* Having FUN with their teams
* Working in an organization that trusts them, believes in their ability
Open and Honest Communication

All of which drive an engaged workforce.

And if your organization is striving for higher profitability, research shows that creating a highly engaged team results in 21% more profitability.

Ask yourself the following questions:

➞ How are we coaching and developing our employees?
➞ Do our employees have a development plan?
➞ Do we have a training program in place for continued learning opportunities? (anywhere from Excel to learning how to communicate more effectively)
➞ Do our leaders know how to do all of the above with their employees?
➞ Is there a structure in place for our leaders to take on the actions above?
➞ Do our leaders care about their employees?
➞ Are we having fun at work? Not with just ping pong tables but genuine fun?
➞ Are we paying our employees compensation that's appropriate for the market and skillset?

Bottom line, creating an engaged workforce doesn't just save you money, it adds to your profitability.

If you want to keep your top talent, start looking beyond the money and start adding additional layers into your employee's experience.

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