What Are You Running From?

Yesterday I ran 9.5 miles, my longest run to date.  The typical response I would tell people that is “congratulations!”, “that’s great!”, “keep it up” etc. etc. etc.  But yesterday when I got all of these comments, I couldn’t celebrate the miles I ran nor the time that I ran them in.  

Why?  I wasn’t running because it’s part of my half marathon training plan.  Nor was I running for my health. My reason for running was to avoid how I was feeling!  

  • Running from my emotions

  • Running from thinking about what was going on at this moment in my life

  • Running from being vulnerable and asking for support

Funny thing is, it was short lived.  It merely took away an hour and twenty-five minutes.  But in the end, all of what I was feeling before the run was still there….all my avoiding of emotions and stuff.  What are you “running” from?

  • Vulnerability?

  • The bold conversation with your boss, loved one or friend?

  • Moving on from your career?

  • Your current health/weight?

  • The move across country?

The list is endless.  Whether it be running, eating, drinking etc. etc. etc. what habits have you created to avoid dealing with “that thing” that could actually create the life you love?

If you stopped running from that thing, what difference would that make in your life?  Could it create:

  • A new job?

  • A new/better relationship?

  • Healthy relationship with yourself?

  • Shift in mindset?

  • How about purely allowing yourself to be seen?

I don’t know about you …

the risk of not creating the life I love is much larger than the risk of allowing myself to be seen and heard

Are you in for creating something different?  I sure am! Start creating today!

Believe in yourself, believe in others…what could that create?

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