When "Nice To Have" Becomes "Must-Have" (What The Heck Are You Doing??)

I dreaded getting into my car.

Eventually, I gave up trying to make it shine.

Little by little things would go wrong & I would fix them.

And every time - it sucked the energy out of me a little more.

Then one day my coach said, “What the heck are you doing?”

“You’re making multiple 6 figures. You have the money. Why won’t you buy a new car?”

“Well, I don't NEED it,” I said.

“Yeah, but it makes you miserable, why are you keeping something in your life that makes you miserable?”

I was choosing to suffer.

I went out and bought my Mini Cooper that same day.

What are you holding onto that's making you miserable?

  • Friction with your team for a lack of results?

  • Working around the clock?

  • Not spending enough time with your wife or kids?

Just because it’s how you’ve always done things, doesn’t mean there isn’t a better way.

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