Working Smarter by Stopping the Relentless Hustle

Working Smarter by Stopping the Relentless Hustle

In our hustle culture, it’s easy to think that working more will automatically lead to more success.


Working longer ≠ Working smarter.

McKinsey Health's 2022 survey highlighted this misconception. Out of 15,000 global professionals, a staggering 25% reported experiencing burnout symptoms.

Mental Health America and FlexJobs added to the narrative, with 76% pointing out that workplace stress was taking a toll on their mental health and a whopping 75% admitting to burnout.

The irony?

The very thing we're pushing for (productivity) plummets.

Relationships? They get strained.

That's the high cost of relentless hustle.

It's time we pivoted from being obsessed with the sheer VOLUME of our work to its VALUE.

This shift isn’t just theory.

It’s the transformative principle I embed in my executive coaching.

Take Richard, for instance.

He embodied the "always-on" lifestyle –

Overweight, sleep-deprived, with unhealthy habits.

Yet, with a revamped approach, he not only clinched a 40% salary bump in a role he's passionate about but also shed 25lbs along the way.

Remember: It's not about how long you're in the game but how you play it.

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