You Could Be Failing In This Area....And Likely, Not Even Know It

How you “do business” with me, is how you’re doing it everywhere.

In the past week I’ve had three Executives request a call with me to explore coaching. 

I responded to their request and provided available times. 

Only to be met with silence.

I’ve also had potential Executive clients say yes, sign me up only to never show up again. 

While you might think “they’re not interested, move on”. It’s not about the actual thing.  

This scenario plays out with their teams, peers, clients, family, and friends.
❌ A request is made, the team delivers on that request and then it sits in their inbox only to become irrelevant
❌ Last minute requests to reschedule or cancel meetings
❌ A commitment is made to deliver something by a certain date, and nothing ever comes
❌ Saying yes when in all reality the answer is no
❌ Lack of or no communication 

And the people on the receiving end are left feeling:
😠 Disrespected
😖 Disengaged
😡 Frustrated
😞 Disappointed

And you slowly lose trust of those around you. 

If you think that you are only doing it in one area of your life, think again. 

You’re doing the same thing all over the place.  

And the impact is much larger than you may realize. 

Start noticing and taking inventory of how you’re:

✅ Showing up
✅ Communicating
✅ Making commitments 
✅ Interacting

In your personal and professional life.

You might be surprised at what you find.

And It all starts with creating that awareness.  

With that awareness, you can start being intentional to make a change.

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